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Epson Launches Five New GPS Smartwatches

Epson is a technology brand best-known for its printers and scanners. They also make projectors, but for the most part, they specialize in inkjet printers, large-format printers, and scanners. In other words, they specialize in office equipment.

They have attempted other things, though. For example, back in 2011, they announced the Moverio Smart Glasses and back in 2014, they launched the Runsense GPS running watch. The latter was no great success, but it proved that Epson could put together a wearable.

And now, they’re back with another.

Epson ProSense

When we say another, what we really mean is another five. Yes, that’s right – Epson has launched five new smartwatches all in one go. The range is called Epson ProSense, and it is made up of the 17, 57, 307, 347 and 367 smartwatches.

All five Epson ProSense watches are GPS running watches that are tailored specifically for the fitness market. The 17 and 57 are marketed as running watches, while the 307, 347 and 367 are marketed as multisport watches. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Epson ProSense 17

Retailing for $99.99, this is the entry-level smartwatch in the range. It has GPS and tracks your steps, speed and calorie burn. It also boasts the best battery life in its class, offering up to 13 hours with the GPS turned on.

This watch is available in black, green and pink.

Epson ProSense 57

Retailing for $149.99, this smartwatch has a wrist-based heart rate sensor, giving athletes and enthusiasts a new dimension to their workouts. This device also offers excellent battery life, offering up to 10 hours with the GPS turned on.

This watch is available in black, red and green.

Epson ProSense 307

Retailing for $249.99, the Epson ProSense 307 has RouteSense and CardioSense technologies and displays even more insight into workouts on the EasyView display. This device also has a bigger battery, offering up to 20 hours of runtime with the GPS on.

This watch is available in black, white and blue.

Epson ProSense 347

Retailing for $349.99, the ProSense 347 tracks running, swimming, cycling, and other daily activities and offer up to 46 hours of battery life with the GPS turned on. You can also add VO2max estimates for advanced training effect metrics.

This watch is available in black only.

Epson ProSense 367

Retailing for $399.99, this is the range-topper. It offers the same features as the ProSense 347 but boasts a beautiful and extremely durable sapphire crystal screen. Sapphire measures 9 on the Mohs scale, so it’s extremely scratch resistant.

This watch is available in black only.

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