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Bluetooth products

  • ODM ONLY: Bluetooth Fill In Lights For Professional Camera Equipment
ODM ONLY: Bluetooth Fill In Lights For Professional Camera Equipment


This luma cube is founded by our client. We respect all the rights and interests of the product designer, we don't resell this readymade fill in light devices. 

We are the developer of the Bluetooth fill in light for smart phone, only proride  the Technology Solution of this kind of devices.

The description of this model:

The Bluetooth fill in light is built for people who loves take photos. It provides professional quality lighting to people's life, allow people to revolutionize their photos and videos.

Made to fit people's lifestyle, whether he/she is loyal to Apple or Android, the APP is ready to pair with your smartphone. Our free app lets cameraman control flash, duration, and brightness of multiple Bluetooth lights.

Make the most out of nights with the Bluetooth fill in light for smart phone with your professional devices. Made to pair with any device, you can now illuminate the night-time adventures.

Now photo studio can be as mobile as people is. With powerful and adjustable light, people can even use the Bluetooth fill lin light as a slave for their DSLR camera – offering unlimited capabilities for firing multiple lights to completely light the scene.

Please contact us if you have any plan on this area. 



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