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OEM/ODM: WiFi Fat Scale Connect & Transfer Data to APP Automatically

  • Connection: WiFi
  • Fat Measuring: Support
  • Platform: Tempered Glass Top
  • App Service: Free
  • Product description: OEM/ODM: WIFI Fat Scale Connect With WIFI Automatically Transfer Data to App

We support Research and Development project for all kinds of Bluetooth/ Wifi Fat scale. OEM/ODM order is welcome.

The paremeters of this WiFi fat scale:

▶Capacity: 5.0-180.0kg

▶WIFI: WiFi 8266
▶Battery: 3*AAA Batteries
▶Display: 75*35mm LCD Screen
▶Platform: Tempered Glass Top
▶Size: 240*280*24mm
▶Gross Weight: 1.1Kg/pc
▶Color: White

▶Intelligent features:

Wifi connect, turn on and off automatically;

Low battery and overweight alarm;

Adopt alternating current to measure the body fat rate.


Accurate measurements;

Ultra-low power consumption of WiFi;

Automatic notification of measurement results;

9 Body composition data;

Freely switch among multi wifi router;

Measurement data uploaded automatically;

Cloud server accept data from multi-device.

Package info:

▶Package: 10pcs

Gross Weight:12.5kg/carton
▶Colorful Box Size :290*350*45mm
▶Carton Box Size:310*335*490mm


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