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ODM services

Why do ODM with us?

1. Our customers benefit directly from our demonstrated design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise particularly in smart wearable devices and 4G GPS watch for kids.

2. Here at Smart NRE, we believe in building long-term partnerships to help your business adapt to the changing environment you operate within. We will support your business when you need to scale up production or when you need an entirely new solution.

3. Unlike many large manufacturers, we offer OEM and ODM services that are perfectly suited to fit your needs. We want to be your partner not just a contract manufacturer.

4. No matter where you and your customers are, or where you source special supplies from, Smart NRE Technology has the logistics capacity and experience to service the area. We’ve worked with clients all across Asia, Europe, North and South America, and beyond.

ODM service work flow:

Smart NRE Successful cases:

1. Qualcomm 4G smartwatches for kids and seniors. Qualcomm chipset is with high performance and low power consumption, this watch can meet variable requirements of different customers.

2. 4G smartphone for seniors with cloud server services. Seniors can call for emergency services any time and any place. With big data, seniors and family members can monitor healthy condition in real time.

3. Bluetooth keyboard for smartphone with app for seniors to use smartphone. This device can help the seniors to use smartphone conveniently and safely.

4. Luma cube fill in light for smartphones and cameras with high performance. This device can help people to enjoy taking photos than ever before.


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