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About Us

Smart NRE is an experienced and professional one-stop OEM-ODM solutions company. From concept to design, manufacturing to aftermarket consultancy, Smart NRE's services cover the complete spectrum of electronic products.

The product lines including but not limited to smart wearable electronics, 4G GPS watch for kids, NB-IoT devices, Android terminals, 4G smartwatches, smartphones for seniors, GPS tracking devices and so on.

We are the distributor for Fastwel boards. And for the best product experience of Fastwel products, we have a technical support team with 24/7 availabilty for any question. Our team specializes with varieties of modules and system.

We satarted to distributor Fastwel products from 2015. We can supply original and new Fastwel embedded boards, such as Fastwel AIC324, Fastwel CPC307, Fastwel VIM301 and so on. 

We also provide technical support and after sell service for Fastwel products. 


Contact: Anna Kedwin

Phone: +86 139 2387 0899

Tel: +86 139 2387 0899

Email: admin@smartnre.com

Add: Jia’an Industrial Area, No. 1 Liuxian Road, Xin’an Street, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China

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