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Smart NRE is an ODM solution provider, a powerful sourcing company and a trader in electronic components and smart boards industry.

Smart NRE was built by a team of experienced IT engineers. In the beginning of company, Smart NRE mainly engaged in the designing, R&D of smart boards, such as smart watches, mobile phones, GPS trackers, Bluetooth products, etc. It has its own SMT production line to produce PCBAs.

After some years of development, Smart NRE got the distributor authorization of Fastwel brand, it entered into sourcing and selling of original electronic components, semiconductor foundry service.

For the best product experience of Fastwel products, Smart NRE built a technical support team with 24/7 availability for any technical question about Fastwel. In 2022 Smart NRE got the official distributor certificate from Fastwel manufacturer as its ability on marketing, order fulfillment, technical support and local support of Fastwel products. These popular items are produced by Fastwel: AIC324, CPC307, VIM301, etc.

Other service:

1) Semiconductor foundry service.

Smart NRE introduced semiconductor foundry service from popular fabs in China, such as Nexchip, GF, TMSC, SMIC, Huahong Group. We are able to place order for masks and foundry service to these fabs.

2) ODM service for new project.

We have experienced engineer team to support clients with ODM project, the technology includes: Smart boards design and production, GPS/GNSS tracker boards, PCBA production.

If any interested please send email to marketing@smartnre.com


Contact: Anna Kedwin

Phone: +86 139 2387 0899

Tel: +86 139 2387 0899

Email: admin@smartnre.com

Add: F/2, No 14, the Furong 5th Road, Xinqiao, Bao'an, Shenzhen

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