Fastwel is a leading global supplier of mission critical boards and system level products

Fastwel is a leading global supplier of mission critical boards and system level products in the industrial and embedded computing markets. Founded in 1997, Fastvel is a large multinational company headquartered in Eastern Europe. Our mission is to provide highly consistent product quality, supported by the industry's best supply, support and value continuity, including the industry's first three-year warranty. Fastwel provides assistance at every stage of the project, from standard products to OEM and ODM customization services.

Fastwel designs, develops and manufactures long-life board level products for aerospace, safety communication and transportation applications, and provides en50155 compliant products for railway and rolling infrastructure. Including pc/104, 3.5-inch epic, CompactPCI, computer on module, micropc and mini itx platforms, focusing on -40c-85c extended operating temperature applications. Their system level products include tablet computers, all-in-one computers, tablet computers, on-board automatic control systems, digital video servers and interactive communication devices. Fastwel is an ISO certified company with 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 certifications, allowing them to provide products with a production life cycle guarantee of more than 7 years. The environmental management system (EMS) complies with ISO 14001. Fastwel is committed to providing green products that comply with WEEE and RoHS regulations.

Shenzhen Smart NRE Technology Co., Ltd. provides different types of Fastwel embedded circuit boards and other products, which are original and newly manufactured by Fastwel. You are welcome to send the inquiry to my email address


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