Fastwel PC104

  • Fastwel CPC309 PC/104 Stackable SBC
  • Fastwel CPC309 PC/104 Stackable SBC
Fastwel CPC309 PC/104 Stackable SBCFastwel CPC309 PC/104 Stackable SBC

Fastwel CPC309 PC/104 Stackable SBC

  • Type: Original Fastwel
  • Brand: Fastwel
  • Product description: Fastwel CPC307 PC/104-Plus Vortex86DX SBC CPU Module, is designed for applications requiring high performance low power industrial controller with CAN interface. Fastwel modules

PC/104 Intel Atom D510 Based SBC with StackPC* expansion connector

Fastwel CPC309

Feature of Fastwel CPC309 PC/104 Intel Atom D510 Based SBC

Intel PineviewD Dual Core (D510) 1.66 GHz

DDR2-667 64 bit up to 2GB (Onboard)

4 GB SATA SLC Flash drive (Onboard)

2×SATA II on StackPC

Compact Flash Card slot

2×USB 2.0, 6×USB 2.0 on StackPC 2×SIMcards

Watchdog 1×Fixed; 1×Programmable

OS compatibility: MS DOS 6.22, FreeDOS, Windows XP (Embedded), Linux 2.6, QNX 6.4

Operating temperature range: –40…+85°C (IEC 68-2-14-84)

PC/104 Intel Atom D510 Based CPC309 is a single board computer with StackPC* expansion

connector. In addition to the standard StackPC* interfaces it has VGA, LVDS and RS232,

soldered NAND Flash and soldered RAM. *StackPC: 4x1 PCI_Express, 6xUSB 2.0, 2xSATA II,

2xRS232, LPC, SMBus, Ethernet.


• Intel Pineview-D Dual Core (D510) 1.66 GHz

• IA 32-bit & 64-bit technology

• Intel SIMD2 & 3 (SSE2 + SSE3 + SSSE3)

• Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (4 threads)

• L2 Cache 1 MB

System memory

• DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz, without ECC, 2 GB soldered

Integrated graphics controller

• 2D/3D-accelerator

• VGA output (resolution up to 2048×1536 60Hz), onboard

• LVDS interface (resolution up to 1366×768 60Hz, single-channel 18 bit mode), onboard PCI bus

• Routed to PCI104 connector

• Support for v2.3

• 32-bit /33 MHz

• Support for up to 4õ bus master devices

LPC bus

• Routed to 20-pin connector

• Compatibility with 1.0 specification

• Support for 1×Master/DMA devices


• 16 Mb SPI-Flash

• Modifiable within the system


• 4 GB NAND Flash (Dual Channel), connected to SATA interface: (50 MB/s read, 45 MB/s write)

Connector for Compact Flash, type 2

• Support for TYPE1/TYPE2 modules

• Support for UDMA mode

SATA II interface

• Up to 300 MB/s transmission rate

• 2x standard onboard SATA-connectors

2×LAN 10/100/1000 Mb ports on two PCIe x1

• 1x onboard connector is used


• Support for USB 1.1 (12 Mb/s), USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s)

• Connection up to 2 devices via IDC on the board;

• Connection up to 6 devices via StackPC

Serial ports

• СОМ1, COM3: RS-232 (up to 115 Kb/s)

• COM3, COM4: TTL UART (TX\RX\RTS), routed to StackPC connector (supported only in modules starting with version 2.0)

Digital I/O Port

• 8 input/output lines, individually programmable (3.3 V, 8 mA)

PS/2 keyboard/mouse port

• Onboard connector

FRAM memory

• When operating without battery, CMOS settings are saved in FRAM

• 31 Kb available for the user


• Battery backed, CR2032 (3 V)

• Can function without battery


• Audio and modem codec AC'97 (HD Audio)

• Linear stereo input/output

• Input for microphone

Watchdog timer

• WDT1 with fixed timeout period

• WDT2 programmable timeout

LED for module's operation mode

• Connector for external LEDs

• Support for the following LEDs: Ethernet1 and Ethernet2 activity, disc subsystems activity, watchdogs timeout, power supply LEDs

• The board is also equipped with power supply LEDs and 2 software-controlled LEDs

OS compatibility

• MS DOS 6.22, FreeDOS

• Windows XP (Embedded)

• Linux 2.6

• QNX 6.5

Power supply and consumed current

• +5 В ±5%, no more than 2.9 A


• Up to 80%, without condensation

Resistance to multiple shocks/vibration

• 50g/5g – for CPC309-01

• 100g/10g – for CPC 309-02

Operating temperature range

• From – 40°C to + 85°C – for CPC309-01

• From – 50°C to + 85°C* – for CPC309-02 MTBF

• No less than 175 000 hours


• 96,5 mm x 96,0 mm x 29,0 mm


• 260 g

Configuration of Fastwel CPU309

01 Intel Atom D510/ 2 GB DDR2 RAM/ 4 GB NAND Flash/ Compact Flash/ 2×SATA/ Digital IO/ 2×Ethernet/ 8×USB 2.0/ 2×RS232/ 2×TTL UART/ VGA/ LVDS

02 Intel Atom D510/ 2 GB DDR2 RAM/ 4 GB NAND Flash/ Compact Flash/ 2×SATA/ Digital IO/ 2×Ethernet/ 8×USB 2.0/ 2×RS-232/ 2×TTL UART/ VGA/ LVDS/ –50°C…+85°C


Windows XP (Embedded) \ Linux 2.6 \ Conformal coating

Delivery checklist:

1. CPC309 module

2. ACS00023-04 – Adapter cable for connection to СОМ1, COM2 (DB9M - IDC10)

3. ACS00027-02 – Adapter cable for connection to VGA monitor (DB15F - IDC10)

4. ACS00043 – Adapter cable for PS/s keyboard and mouse connection

5. ACS00059 – Socket with contacts for connection of a power supply

6. Jumper 2 mm for XP9, XP26 connectors (2 pcs) 7. Package

Additional accessories and cables:

1. ACS00031-01 – ACS00031-01 Installation Kit – JST PHR-5 socket with a set of contacts SPH-002T-P0.5S (for Audio connector)

2. ACS00031-02 – ACS00031-02 Installation Kit – JST PHR-6 socket with a set of contacts SPH-002T-P0.5S (for KB/Mouse connector)

3. ACS00031-03 – Installation Kit ACS00031-03 – JST PHR-6 socket with a set of contacts SPH-002T-P0.5S (for Mic In connector)

4. ACS00037 – Installation Kit ACS00037. Hirose DF13-20DS-1.25C socket and a set of DF13-2630SCF contacts (for connection of LVDS panel)

5. ACS00035-01 – Radiator and installation screws


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