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  • Fastwel CPB904 ETX Computer-On-Module
  • Fastwel CPB904 ETX Computer-On-Module
Fastwel CPB904 ETX Computer-On-ModuleFastwel CPB904 ETX Computer-On-Module

Fastwel CPB904 ETX Computer-On-Module

  • Brand: Fastwel
  • Type: Computer on Module
  • Original & New: Yes
  • Product description: СРB904 is a highly integrated ETX form-factor computer-on-module with low overal power consumption and compact size of 114 × 95 mm.

Fastwel CPB904 ETX Computer-On-Module based on AMD Geode™ LX800

•    AMD Geode™ LX800 500 MHz (programmable)
•    Soldered 256 MB DDR SDRAM
•    10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet controller
•    LCD and CRT displays support with 2D video accelerator
•    Soldered Flash disk 64 MB
•    Four USB 2.0 ports, three RS-232 ports
•    EIDE: ATA-5 (UDMA66)
•    Reserved BIOS
•    Operating temperature: –40°C to +85°C

СРB904 is a highly integrated ETX form-factor computer-on-module with low overal power consumption and compact size of

114 × 95 mm.

Fastwel CPB904 gives customers benefits of access to the full universe of 32-bit x86 software and high design flexibility at

extremely low thermal budget.

The board can serve various embedded applications where low power dissipation and high time-to-market are the most important factors.

CPB904 is based on x86 code compatible low Power CPU AMD Geode™ LX800 and AMD Geode™ I/O companion chip (CS5536).

The AMD Geode™ LX800 processor operates at maximum power of 3.9 W (TDP) and 1.8 W typically at 500 MHz while highly

integrated I/O companion chip AMD CS5536 operates at 2.4 W typically at 500 MHz.

Integrated Floating Point Unit supports Intel® MMX and AMD 3DNow!™ Technology instruction sets.

Dynamic Memory interface supports 64-bit DDR SDRAM and soldered 256 MB memory bank.

CPB904 provides high resolution graphical interfaces (simultaneously) for CRT displays up to 1920×1440 and LCD panels

up to 1024×768.

Peripheral devices can be connected to СРB904 through 4 high-speed USB 2.0 ports, PS/2 port, 3 COM ports, LPT interface or

17 programmable discrete I/O lines.

Additional reliability of СРB904 is provided by reserved CMOS memory and a set of system monitoring features.

Power management system is compliant with Advanced Power Management v1.1 and ACPI (Normal, Sleep and SaveToRAM


The CPU module requires application specific baseboard with ETX standard defined connectors.

СРB904 operates in industrial temperature range (-40°С to +85°C)


CPU AMD Geode™ LX800 processor 500MHz with 64K L1 instruction cache, 64K L1 data cache and 128K L2 cache

AMD Geode™ I/O companion chip CS5536

Soldered 256 MB DDR SDRAM

Reserved CMOS memory

Watchdog timer

MTBF: 200 000 hours


Fastwel™ Flash BIOS (General Software™ Embedded BIOS)


SVGA video controller with 2D video accel erator

VGA interface for LCD panels support (TFT and DSTN) with resolution up to 1024×768, 18 bit

Analog display support (CRT) with resolution up to 1920×1440 (85 Hz, 32 bit)


One IDE ATA 5/ATAPI interface with support of PIO Mode 0 4, MDMA Mode 0 2, UDMA Mode 0 5 (including UltraDMA100)

Accepts two HDD or CD ROM type storage devices with EIDE (Parallel ATA) interface

Built in Fastwel™ Flash Disk (with Fastwel file storage system) 64 MB of NAND flash memory

Software Support

Fastwel DOS™ (MS™ DOS compatible)

Windows XP® Embedded

QNX® 4.25, 6.3x


Windows CE

I/O Interfaces & Expansion

• 10/100 Base T Fast Ethernet port

• 16 bit ISA (PCI to ISA bridge)

32 bit PCI 2.2

Audio ports: Audio Codec AC'97 2.1, Line In, Line Out, Mic In

Four USB 2.0 ports

COM1 & COM2: RS 232 (full range of modem signals)

COM3: RS 232 (only TX and RX signals)

PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard

Parallel port (SPP, EPP and ECP modes) combined with FDD and 17 user program

mable discrete I/O lines


Dimensions: 114×95×14.0 mm (4.5"×3.7"×0.55")

Weight: 0.1 kg

Power requirements

5 V ±5% DC @ 1.0 A (maximum power consumption)

Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature: –40°С to +85°С

Storage temperature: –50°С to +95°С

Humidity: 0% to 80%, noncondensing

Shock/Vibration: 50G/5G


ETX 2.5 Specification

List of Deliverables

CPB904 module

CD with documentation and service SW

3 years for parts and labor


CPB90405 ETX, AMD Geode LX800 500 MHz, DRAM 256 MB,NAND Flash 64 MB, EIDE, LPT/ FDD, Ethernet, CRT/ LCD SVGA, AC'97,

3 x RS232, 4 x USB




Protective Coating

Operating System Presetting


Fastwel DOS


Windows XP Embedded


QNX 6.3x, 4.25




Windows CE


CPB90405\COATED ETX, AMD Geode LX800 500 MHz, DRAM 256 MB, NAND Flash 64 MB, EIDE, LPT/FDD, Ethernet, CRT/ LCD SVGA,

AC'97, 3 x RS232, 4 x USB

CPB904 Accessory: KIB1282
ATX formfactor compliant carrier board for ETX/XTX computer modules.

KIB1282 Interface

VGA, 1×FastEthernet 10/100BaseT, 2×PCI, 1×ISA (16bit), 4×USB2.0, IDE UltraATA, CF Type I/II socket with IDE interface,

2×COM232, LPT, FDD, PS/2, Audio linein/out AC'97 Audio Codec, 2×MIC, IrDA, SMBUS, control&signalling interfaces and LEDs,

ATX power supply.

Please read User manual for complete product description.


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